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Wed, Feb. 16th, 2011, 12:22 am
alohawolf: Living Computer Museum.

Today I visited the Living Computer Museum, its owned by Paul Allen and Technically part of Vulcan Inc. The best part about the museum is they offer free accounts on the VAX-11/780 they have (Running VMS), the XKL TOAD-1 (TOPS-20) and the DECSYSTEM-20 (TOPS-10).

DECSYSTEM-2065 Running TOPS-10

TOAD-1 Running TOPS-20

Alto II opened up for repairs


Data General Eclipse awaiting restoration.

VAX-11/785 which will likely get Unix 32V or an early BSD on it once they repair the CPU.

DECSYSTEM-10 used for testing.

Running PDP-7

Running PDP-8/e

TU78 9-Track Tape Drives, Hooked up to the 2065..

More DEC Logo's

Thu, Feb. 17th, 2011 07:37 pm (UTC)
Richard M. Alderson III: Thanks for the kind words!

We're happy that Robert was able to visit, and look forward to many future visitors.

A couple of minor corrections to Robert's captions:

1. The DECsystem-1090 is not running at present, and is used mostly for diagnostics when we do operate it. We do have ITS running, on a smaller system, a DECSYSTEM-2020 which is not currently connected to the Internet.

(NB: Those are the official capitalizations in the system documentation from Digital Equipment Corporation, not "shouting".)

2. The TU78 tape drives are connected to the DECSYSTEM-2065, which is our 24x7 Tops-10 system. The Toad-1 has a SCSI tape drive which is visible to its left in this picture.

Just want to keep things straight, so we don't confuse anyone!

Rich Alderson, Curator
Living Computer Museum

Thu, Feb. 17th, 2011 07:43 pm (UTC)
alohawolf: Re: Thanks for the kind words!


I corrected the captions on the images, thanks for the corrections!